Cumberland Quickdraw


This year’s Mountain Maryland Plein Air Quickdraw event is the Cumberland Quickdraw. It takes place in the downtown Arts & Entertainment District of Cumberland.

Quickdraws are among the most exciting of Plein Air events. There are three key elements to these events. First, the time alloted for creating a work of art is short. Second, anyone can participate. Third, the event ends with prizes and the sale of the freshly created paintings.

Quickdraw artists, including the invited 2017 Plein Air artists, community artists and student artists, paint in the downtown area for two hours between 10 am and noon. A whistle is blown to start the painting. Visitors to the downtown area can enjoy walking around to watch the painters in action.

At noon, another whistle is blown and the painting stops. Painters then immediately bring their work to the corner of Baltimore and Centre Streets where the judging begins. There will be separate prizes for the invited 2017 Plein Air artists, community artists and student artists.

This year, the center of activity for the Cumberland Quickdraw—including registration, judging, and purchasing—is in front of the Allegany Arts Council at 9 N. Centre St. Be sure not to miss the fun!
For more details, including how to register for the Quickdraw call 301-777-2787.

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