List of 2017 Plein Air Invited Artists

Congratulations to the following artists for being among the 30 to be invited to participate in the 9th Annual Mountain Maryland Plein Air event.

Bruno Baran

Henry Coe

Diane Grguras

Ray Hassard

Debra Howard

Charlie Hunter

Russell Jewell

Kirk Larsen

Christopher Leeper

Benjamin Lussier

Katharine March

Maria Marino

Chuck Marshall

Mick McAndrews

Mike McSorley

Lynn Mehta

Alison Menke

Pat Peacock

Julie Riker

William Rogers

J. Stacy Rogers

Kari Ganoung Ruiz

John Slivjak

Richard Sneary

Patty Voje

Jill Stefani Wagner

Tara Will

Chris Willey

Patricia Wilt

Vladislav  Yeliseyev


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